Financial Contributions

Financial Contributions

Financial contributions are always welcomed and put to good use.  In the past we have purchased firefighting equipment that was made possible by the gracious financial contributions of many individuals and businesses.  You can be sure your donation will be used to improve our programming and software development work and the services we provide to the community.

Please contact us at the station or by emailing with any donations you would like to make.


We would like to encourage involvement in the North Scituate Fire Department to the youth of our town.  Anyone who would like to help out around the station and learn what the station is like from the inside or who might be considering a career in emergency services and would like to observe a small part of it can become involved in our youth program.  Please get in touch with us by e-mailing or dropping in the station  at 7:00pm on Monday evenings.

Of course we will always need adult recruits.  If anybody would like to volunteer to serve our village and neighbors in a very special way please get in touch with us.  We always need new firefighters and EMT’s.

If you don’t want to be a firefighter but still want to volunteer your help we can always use you.  Any skills you may have that would assist our department are always appreciated.  Skills like carpentry, electrical, typing and baking are just a few of the areas we need assistance with from time to time.  Don’t think you have any skills!  Well, we occasionally need good old manpower doing things that anyone can do.  So don’t be afraid to let us know you’re available.

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Message from The Chief

A Message from The Chief

Thanks for visiting the North Scituate Fire Department’s website.  Our Fire Department provides protection to approx. 40% of the Town of Scituate, Rhode Island.  North Scituate is a suburban yet rural portion of Scituate located about 10 miles west of Providence.  The Fire Department is entirely volunteer with a roster of 35 members protecting about 5,000 of town’s 10,000 residents.  We currently operate the following frontline pieces of apparatus, which include a Quint, Engine Tanker, Heavy Rescue Advanced Life Support Ambulance, Brush Fire Unit as well as a spills trailer, a Fire Alarm line truck and a Zodiac boat.  Our annual run volume exceeds 700 calls per year.

We have included for your viewing a apparatus roster (click here), our departments and their structure (click here), as well as department news and upcoming events.

As all volunteer agencies are experiencing a shortage of funding and volunteers, we are also.  If you feel compelled to work strange and long hours, train endlessly, wish to get dirty and smelly, please feel free to contact us at, Feedback, or stop by the station and fill out an application.  Your determination and spirit will be greatly appreciated.

I hope you enjoy our website.

Our Goals

1.    Provide and protect our community from the ravages of fire and to supply aid to any ill or injured person.

2. Improve the quality of life to the Town of Scituate by the promotion of fire safety education, as well by implementation and enforcement of Life Safety Codes, National Fire Protection Association, as well as Fire Safety Codes and Ordinances.

3. To insure a safe, healthy, and positive environment for all firefighters.

Volunteers Oath

We are Volunteers, we don’t get paid for what we do

But our hope and prayers are to always see you through

We can be eating or awakened in the middle of the night

With a blast of our pagers saying There is a Fire we need to fight!

We are up and dressed and out the door

We meet sirens blaring and trucks that roar

The adrenaline pumping, were ready to go

Will we make it home? We never know.

Our jobs are to fight fires and to also save a life

Our goal is to make it home to our children and our wife

We do the unexpected. We tread where people fear.

We can’t see where we are going so we really have to hear

When the fires out and the smoke is clear

My Heavenly Father just whispered in my ear

My precious child that was a job well done,

You just saved someone’s precious little one!

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